Birch Core

  • Combi Film faced plywood

    Combi Film faced plywood

    Have CE and ISO certification.
    Film: local film/imported film, non-slip type.
    Color: black film, brown film, green film, gray film, red film, dark brown, red brown,
    Core material: poplar, hardwood core, eucalyptus core, birch or composite core. Insert core
    Glue: WBP melamine glue or WBP phenolic glue. WBP melamine glue or WBP phenolic glue
    More reuse
    High waterproof/WBP performance
    The special process eliminates the cracks inside the core.
    Customized according to your requirements
    Professional factory production for many years!
  • Film faced plywood Birch brown

    Film faced plywood Birch brown

    Industrial-grade plywood means that there will be roll marks, debris on the side and very light scratches on the surface.
    Phenolic plywood, film faced plywood, phenolic resin plywood, Baltic birch core
    Durable, smooth surface, easy-to-clean and odor-free panel, suitable for food with architectural edges without edge sealing
    Applications: Furniture and cabinets, children's furniture, wood products, durable countertops, restaurants, concrete molding, tools and fixtures.