Poplar Film faced plywood

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Have CE and ISO certification
Film: local film/imported film, non-slip type.
Color: black film, brown film, green film, gray film, red film, dark brown, red brown,
Core material: poplar, hardwood core, eucalyptus core, birch or composite core. Insert core
Glue: WBP melamine glue or WBP phenolic glue. WBP melamine glue or WBP phenolic glue
More reuse
High waterproof/WBP performance
The special process eliminates the cracks inside the core.
Customized according to your requirements
Professional factory production for many years!

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 Name   Concrete Formwork /Formwork Plywood
Brown,Black,Red,Green film
1250*2500 or 1220*2400 or 1500*3000mm
WBP(WBP-boiled for 48hours,reused times 15-20/MELAMINE-boiled for 6-8hours,reused times 8-12/MR-boiled for one hour,reused times 6-8)Amount of the glue,take 1.7mm thickness veneer for example,the amount of glue used in other factory is 0.25kg/m2, and our use is 0.33kg/m2,it will ensure the high strength of plywood in application.
Formaldehyde release
E1≤1.5mg/L E2≤5.0mg/L
one time hot pressed,two time hot pressed,(difference: two time hot pressed plywood smooth surface;one time hot press,low cost and cheap price.Choose by your market)
Hot press
Cycle life
6-20 times
customized logo by customers
530-700kg/cbm( poplar-530kg/m3, combi.pine-635kg/m3, hardwood-660kg/m3,birch-700kg/m3)
Standard exporting package( bottom is pallet, covered with plastic film, around is carton, strengthen by steel tape with 3*6

What's Recycled Film Faced Plywood
Recycled Film Faced Plywoo uses processed 2nd hand plywood as middle core and applies fresh veneer layers on top and bottom of recycled middle core to be pressed into 1 new sheet of plywood. it was created by Chinese plywood producers about 8 years ago to meet global buyers's demand:
1). Very Cheap Price 2). 1 time use and throw away(especially in Europe) 3). Saving wood and protecting the environment

 Customers can get 12mmFinger joint recyclable FJ core film faced plywood from us. The finger-joined combination recyclable FJ core film facing plywood we provide is widely praised for its excellent performance and is suitable for various construction applications. The laminated plywood we provide is coated with a high-quality film to ensure its hardness and resistance to destruction. Customers can use recycled FJ core film plywood with finger joint combination from us at market leading prices.

One-time molding
Secondary molding

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