Combi Film faced plywood

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Have CE and ISO certification.
Film: local film/imported film, non-slip type.
Color: black film, brown film, green film, gray film, red film, dark brown, red brown,
Core material: poplar, hardwood core, eucalyptus core, birch or composite core. Insert core
Glue: WBP melamine glue or WBP phenolic glue. WBP melamine glue or WBP phenolic glue
More reuse
High waterproof/WBP performance
The special process eliminates the cracks inside the core.
Customized according to your requirements
Professional factory production for many years!

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(1). Size: 1220X2440mm, 1250X2500mm, or 4′×8′, standard size, large size, large size, special size.
We produce sizes according to customer requirements. The widest dimension is 2000mm and the maximum length is 6000mm.
(2). Glue. WBP-Melamine (melamine), WBP-Phenolic (phenolic).
WBP-Melamine: 10 hours boiling time
WBP-Phenolic: 72 hours of boiling time,
(3). Thickness. 4mm-30mm (4mm / 6mm / 9mm / 12mm / 15mm / 18mm / 21mm-50mm)
We provide 4mm thin plywood, the thickest plywood can reach 50mm. This is our advantage.

(4). Packaging. standard packaging.
Our packaging is standard airworthy packaging.

Application of Film Faced Plywood
(1) Construction industry: Venetian coated plywood, concrete formwork, Venetian concrete formwork, and formwork plywood.
Film faced plywood is mainly used in the construction field. Therefore, film-covered plywood is also called shutter-covered plywood, concrete formwork, and shutter concrete formwork. Because of this end use, customers usually need WBP film-covered plywood, which is more suitable for shutters in large projects. But there are also some customers who need MR film-covered plywood, which is used for blinds in common projects.

(2) Anti-slip film-coated plywood: ground material for construction vehicles and work platforms.
According to the face/back type, it can be divided into smooth film-coated plywood and non-slip film-coated plywood. Anti-slip coated plywood is commonly used as a floor material for vehicles, trucks and platforms.

(3) Film-coated plywood can also be used for shelves and furniture.
Compared with veneer plywood, thin film-coated plywood is more durable and has a more wear-resistant surface. So it can be used to make durable furniture and shelves.

Secondary molding

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  • Film faced plywood is a waterproof plywood manufactured for concrete shuttering and forming. Phenolic film faced plywood is suitable for multiple uses, cheap, easy to clean and cut, thus intensively used by the formwork industry.

    Sulong Wood is a major manufacturer of film faced plywood in China. We own the brand name SULONG.

    Sulong film faced plywood is manufactured with quality veneers with a WBP glue that can withstand harsh weather and rain. Both surfaces of the plywood are coated with a phenolic film overlay and the four edges are sealed with waterproof paint.

    Common trade names are phenolic board, formply, formwork plywood, phenolic film faced plywood, black marine plywood, MDO HDO overlay plyform, PSF plywood, Tego ply, etc.

    Most popular film faced plywood are 1220x2440x18mm and 1220x2440x12mm with black/brown film on both faces of the panel.


    Size 1220*2440mm, 1250*2500mm, 1200*2400mm
    Thickness 12mm 15mm 17mm 18mm 21mm
    Core Veneer Finger Joint Core, Poplar Core, Eucalyptus Core, COMBI MIX Core.
    Face & Back Black Film, Brown Film, Red Film, Dynea Brand Film
    Adhesive WBP Melamine, WBP Phenolic
    Density Finger Joint Core 550kgs/m3, Poplar Core 520kgs/m3, Eucalyptus Core 600kgs/m3
    MOQ 1000 sheets for 18mm. 1200 sheets for 15mm. 1500 sheets for 12mm.
    Formwork Plywood Standard GB/T 17656-2018, PS 1-09AS 6669, EN-13986
    Brand Sulong