Finger-jointed film faced plywood brown

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1. Recycled film plywood is the cheapest product type in the global template board.
2. It can be used 2-4 times under normal conditions.
3. Turn used plywood into new plywood, saving wood/forest resources.
Sulong plywood only uses carefully selected second hand plywood to ensure the quality of the core.
4. Sulong plywood is pre-processed, try to clean up the internal concrete garbage, there is a 90% chance that it will not be sawn off.

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Sulong non-slip plywood is produced on the basis of our outdoor birch plywood. Durability, strict thickness tolerances and tape resistance make this basic plywood very popular.

As a supplier of high-quality non-slip plywood, Sulong guarantees that the material has maximum slip resistance, minimum rolling wear (rolling test) and high wear resistance (Taber test).

Because the veneer is coated with a film, only the defects of the lamination are considered when grading. In addition, obvious defects on the outside of the wood are also taken into account. Each side of the panel, whether non-slip or smooth, corresponds to one of the following grades. I, II or III.

The waterproof coating has different colors and densities. The edges of the panel are sealed with waterproof acrylic paint.
You can contact our manager and buy non-slip plywood directly from the manufacturer.

One-time molding

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