Finger-jointed film faced plywood red

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This product is 1/8 x 12 x 12 birch plywood
Convenient and simple to use
This product is in China
Double-sided plywood, unlimited assembly possibilities
Add your own style to every inch of it
This product includes a 12 x 12 x 1.27 CM (approximate size) craft plywood
Very suitable for all kinds of crafts

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Heavy Duty-This lightweight and reasonably priced plywood provides outstanding durability, rigidity and stability for all your woodworking needs. Its surface provides excellent holding power for glue and screws.
Plywood-The company's plywood is known for its strength, durability and aesthetics, and is favored by woodworkers all over the world. It is made of the latest wood production method, strong and durable, not easy to wear.
Compatible with rolling saws and laser cutting machines-designed to pass smoothly through rolling saws and laser cutting machines, making it an ideal plywood for cutting wood efficiently.
Grade B/BB-This hardwood has surface and back veneers. The surface veneer has a smooth surface and uniform color. There are usually 1-2 small patches with matching colors on the back. Thick and thin plywood can also slide on wood for use in CNC engraving machines or engraving machines.
High-quality after-sales service-We are committed to cooperating with business owners, family craftsmen and carpenters who are committed to perfecting craftsmanship. Our well-trained customer service staff are fully familiar with our products, and we are happy to help you resolve any questions and consultations.

1. Good performance and long use time.
2. Easy to peel off.
3. Make the concrete surface more smooth and beautiful, easy to decorate, and reduce the process of plastering.
4. This can reduce 30% of the time to contact the project.
5. Corrosion resistant and will not pollute the concrete surface.
6. Good thermal insulation performance, conducive to winter construction.
7. Nails, saws and drills are better than bamboo and steel molds, and can be processed into various types.

Secondary molding

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  • Film faced plywood is a waterproof plywood manufactured for concrete shuttering and forming. Phenolic film faced plywood is suitable for multiple uses, cheap, easy to clean and cut, thus intensively used by the formwork industry.

    Sulong Wood is a major manufacturer of film faced plywood in China. We own the brand name SULONG.

    Sulong film faced plywood is manufactured with quality veneers with a WBP glue that can withstand harsh weather and rain. Both surfaces of the plywood are coated with a phenolic film overlay and the four edges are sealed with waterproof paint.

    Common trade names are phenolic board, formply, formwork plywood, phenolic film faced plywood, black marine plywood, MDO HDO overlay plyform, PSF plywood, Tego ply, etc.

    Most popular film faced plywood are 1220x2440x18mm and 1220x2440x12mm with black/brown film on both faces of the panel.


    Size 1220*2440mm, 1250*2500mm, 1200*2400mm
    Thickness 12mm 15mm 17mm 18mm 21mm
    Core Veneer Finger Joint Core, Poplar Core, Eucalyptus Core, COMBI MIX Core.
    Face & Back Black Film, Brown Film, Red Film, Dynea Brand Film
    Adhesive WBP Melamine, WBP Phenolic
    Density Finger Joint Core 550kgs/m3, Poplar Core 520kgs/m3, Eucalyptus Core 600kgs/m3
    MOQ 1000 sheets for 18mm. 1200 sheets for 15mm. 1500 sheets for 12mm.
    Formwork Plywood Standard GB/T 17656-2018, PS 1-09AS 6669, EN-13986
    Brand Sulong